Flesh n Bone Global Bone Thugs n Harmony


Stanley "Flesh n Bone" Howse Rapper / Producer / Entrepreneur / Screenwriter/ Actor
Born: 10 June 1973
Birthplace: Cleveland, Ohio

As dominator of his own category the Cleveland, Ohio hip hop veteran is an undisputed originator. Making his worldwide debut in 1993, Flesh n Bone is best known for his work with one of the top-selling rap groups of all time, Bone Thugs n Harmony.

Proving true to his enterprising attitude, the ambitiously driven Howse helped forge the way for the Grammy Award winning group into fame and fortune by working at KFC and hustling part-time to make a purchase of one-way bus tickets from Cleveland for all members of the group to make it to Los Angeles and prove their talents to their favorite rapper, Eazy E. Characterized by a rapid-fire, sweetly harmonized, and melodic style of flow Flesh n Bone alongside Bone Thugs n Harmony introduced to the world an innovative, creative, and most emulated manner of lyrical expression that still continues to have it’s influence in many genres of music all over the world.

Additional group members include Flesh n Bone’s brother; Steven "Layzie Bone" Howse, Flesh n Bone’s first cousin; Charles "Wish Bone" Scruggs, and lifelong friends; Anthony "Krayzie Bone" Henderson and Bryon "Bizzy Bone" McCane. Over the years Howse, the self-proclaimed member of "Hip Hop Royalty" released numerous legendary, hit-making albums with Bone Thugs n Harmony that made sales in the millions all over the world. He has worked with the likes of Eazy E, Tupac, Notorious Big, Sean "Diddy" Combs, Scarface, Jam Master Jay, Rev Run, B-Real, Big Pun, Fat Joe, Willie D, Bushwick Bill, 5th Ward Boyz, AMG, Rappin’ 4 Tay, Ricco Barrino, Damon Elliot, Dionne Warwick, and many others.

Flesh n Bone was the first Bone member to catch the acting bug, making his debut in the 1999 urban crime drama, Winner Takes All. Flesh had additional appearances in Thicker Than Water (1999), with Fat Joe and Mack 10 and in The Breaks (1999), with E-40 and George Clinton. On his opinion about acting, Howse takes the form of art seriously saying that "If you're not doing it for the craft, I'm willing to bet that you are in it for the wrong reasons". The pioneering rapper was also the first Bone member to release a solo effort. T.H.U.G.S. Trues Humbly United Gathering Souls (1996), which was released on Def Jam and his subsequent solo efforts, 5th Dog Let Loose (2000) was released independently on Koch and Blaze of Glory (2011) also released indepently on RBC Records.

Howse’s success, however, was followed by a series of hardships which led him to a stint in a California penitentiary after assaulting a former acquaintance with an AK-47. In regards to the incarceration, Flesh was quoted saying, "Everything happens for a reason and there isn’t anything in this life that has happened to me that I haven’t been able to bounce back and benefit from". Following his release, the famed rapper rejoined Bone Thugs n Harmony, finally enabling the group to release their reunion album, UNI5: The World’s Enemy (2010) on Warner Brothers Records.

A few of the accomplished rapper’s current professional undertakings include screenwriting, a much anticipated mixtape project titled; Hip Hop Royalty, clothing designs, real estate ventures, his record company; FBG and touring with the greatest hip hop group in history - Bone Thugs n Harmony.